About Us

Qone8.com belongs to Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology Limited,which is a global technology & services company with the mission of delivering leading edge information retrieval solutions coupled with quality customer support. Qone8.com 's search technology helps your staff or clients to find key information held on websites,intranets,databases and many other internal information repositories. This drives greater ROI on your information assets,allowing our users to be more efficient and productive.
Save time searching less and discovering more with qone8.com. Our product delivers comprehensive web results enhanced by Google along with quick,easy access to relevant videos,pictures,local maps,news,stock quotes and more. We love technology and helping our customers — we get excited about computers and we love programming. We live to solve challenging problems,code software,and make cool stuff happen to our customers. Sharing our best creations with you is our ultimate goal.

Qone8.com 's Editorial Voice

Quality vs. Quantity:qone8.com biases towards quality sites. We do not attempt to gather all of the world's information. We purposefully bias our index away from sites with low quality content.
Source based,not link based:qone8.com does NOT rely solely on link based authority. Too many people engage in efforts to game search by linking for purposes other than navigation. qone8.com relies on human beings and their judgment of the authority of sources to dictate search results.
Human Curation:qone8.com believes that human beings should be involved in determining search results. Our community of users tag pages and sites for us every day to help insure the highest quality of search results.

We’re just getting started

Just a head’s up -- what you see on qone8.com is just the beginning. We all have the power to make this world a better place. We at qone8.com are going to keep giving you more and more tools to make it easy for you to support a cause you care about and inspire others to do the same.